LOKAH/CO is a conscious line of luxury, artisanal and mindful wares created out of a desire to blend style, intention and purpose.

All of our pieces are ethically sourced and skillfully crafted in Central India, where our work with artisans supports poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment and sustainability. For more on our mindful process, click here.


Our pieces flow seamlessly from the street to the studio. With a focus on simplicity and luxury, they are designed to rest lightly on your shoulders, at your back, or over your heart.


Each handmade piece is infused with a specific intention in an effort to bring a higher vibration to all of your daily rituals, from the functional to the sacred.


Every piece sold supports our higher purpose; to bring the healing power of yoga, movement and meditation to populations who need it most, such as survivors of violence and trauma, and those in recovery and rehabilitation. Every LOKAH/CO purchase benefits organizations that are doing this important work. For more on the partners we support, click here.



LOKAH is a Sanskrit word that translates to English as location, realm, all universes existing now. We are, each one of us, sharing a place in space and time here on planet Earth. The mission of LOKAH/CO is to respect, protect and honor this shared location and our pieces are meant to be a physical reminder of this connection and purpose.

CO is for collective; this human collective that we all belong to. We are in this together. It is our responsibility to help each other rise.