mindful Process


We choose our partners, our materials and our methods thoughtfully and we take care in ensuring that our pieces are kind to all people and places they touch along their journey. So when they finally land in your hands, you can be sure that they're steeped in the ethical, responsible and loving energy that went into creating them.

Our debut collection was made in India by our partners at Women Weave, an organization dedicated to supporting women's empowerment, poverty alleviation and sustainability. With a mission to make hand-looming a profitable, fulfilling, sustaining, and dignified income-earning activity for women, they employ more than 100 skilled women artisans in Central India, many of them from rural areas. Each one of the pieces in our Santosha Collection was handwoven by these talented artisans using organic, hand-spun cotton and mulberry silk.

After production every piece is energetically infused with a specific intention using the potent and healing powers of semi-precious gemstones.

It is our hope that the mindfully-crafted threads of your LOKAH/CO piece will serve as a physical reminder of the common thread of respect, goodness and humanity that unites us all - and that you will carry this loving energy forward.