Higher Purpose


Our higher purpose is to bring the healing power of yoga, movement and meditation to populations who are deeply in need of these therapeutic modalities, such as survivors of violence and trauma, and those in recovery and rehabilitation. Mounting scientific evidence supports the potent benefits of these practices, which can help to ease anxiety and depression, restore physical and emotional balance, and enhance empowerment.

With every LOKAH/CO purchase, we are proud to support organizations that are doing this important work. 

CURRENT PARTNER: exhale to inhale

Exhale to Inhale, a registered non-profit organization, empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence through weekly trauma-informed yoga classes founded in choice making, safety, and simplicity. Classes take place in domestic violence shelters and community centers throughout New York City, Connecticut, and Los Angeles. 

A percentage of proceeds from every LOKAH/CO purchase will be donated to Exhale to Inhale. 

Do you know of an organization we should consider supporting? Please let us know!